Lent Checklist

Three Crosses during LentAre you freaking out about Lent and Holy Week yet? Hopefully you are well prepared to go into this season! I’ve compiled a checklist for you to reference while you’re finishing your preparations for the season. I hope this helps you! 

Update Your Website for Lent:

  • Palm Sunday Services date and times
  • Maundy Thursday and Good Friday Services dates and times
  • Easter Sunday Services date and times.
  • Church Office closures or “early out” days during this season

Post on Social Media:

  • Palm Sunday Service date and times
  • Maundy Thursday and Good Friday Service dates and times
  • Easter Sunday Service date and times

Update Your Answering Machine/Voicemail:

  • Update your church’s answering machine or voicemail to reflect Lent Sunday Service changes, additional services and any office closures
  • And again, update the answering machine or voicemail on Good Friday evening to have an invitation to Easter Sunday Services

Employees and Volunteers:

  • Communicate any vacation time during or after Lent for your pastoral staff to other staff and the Board
  • Tell your points of contact (Office Manager, Secretary, janitorial staff, Welcome Team Volunteers etc.) who is on-call for pastoral care during Lent, and in which instances they should interrupt vacationing pastors (emergency hospitalizations? surgeries? deaths? church grounds emergencies? etc.)

Bulletin Announcements:

  • Lent service hours in your Palm Sunday, Maundy Thursday and Good Friday Bulletins
  • Normal service hours in your Easter Sunday Bulletins
  • Church Office closures during Lent in your Palm Sunday, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter Sunday Bulletins

Don’t Forget!

  • Write a short message to say during Easter announcements that welcomes visitors or people returning from an absence. Include some upcoming event announcements, such as service opportunities and End of School Parties. Be sure this message says, “If we haven’t seen you lately, we miss you and want you to come back!” Don’t make people feel guilty for just being in church that day this year, because that will make them NOT want to come back!
  • Drink some relaxing tea: everything is going to be fine!

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