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How We're Different: A Story of Passion

Most marketing agencies are bored.

…and for good reason. Many marketing agencies are started by someone who has worked in the industry for a long time. They take decades to work for someone else, just to find out that’s not what they want for their life. Do you want someone that indecisive leading the charge for your organization?

I wouldn’t want a hum-drum marketing agency to work for me.

I also didn’t want to be the person who worked away the better years of my life for someone else, doing subpar work that I wasn’t passionate about. So I skipped the limbo and the rat race.

I started Laurel Leaf Studios because I saw the passion in the eyes at so many awesome organizations: nonprofits, churches, caring businesses, solo-entrepreneurs, small businesses, etc. I also knew that no marketing agency was thinking big enough to help these folks meet their goals. 

“Am I supposed to trust you?! You’re too young to understand the nuances of the nonprofit world.”

As much as I appreciate being called young, I can assure you I’ve seen my fair share of absolute successes and miserable failures. I’ve been working in the field for nearly a decade. I’ve been freelancing on awesome projects that invigorate and excite not just the people who are doing the projects, but also me.

I’ve worked on in-house marketing teams for nonprofits whose mission excited me. And I’ve sought out organizations where my talent and passion overlap to serve the community in a pro-bono manner. If you’re still on the fence, understand that I know the limitations of my training and will not take on a project that I am underqualified for.

Passionate work is exciting … and igniting.

As a business or nonprofit, you will get the best work out of someone who is invigorated and excited by their projects. Those who work in environments they enjoy with people who respect and trust them are infinitely more productive than people who are punching a clock for a paycheck and a weekend. Our work together will be exciting, inspiring, memorable, and SUCCESSFUL!

Let’s get started!

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Are you interested in how we can help you? We offer many ways to help your small business or nonprofit reach your goals! Learn more about our services or contact us for a quote.

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